Meeting with a Mermaid 🧜‍♀️

Today we want to explore Rudder Cut Cay in the Exumas. Carefully we navigate through the cut (deeper passage between the islands, where you can pass with the boat). The passage is no problem, it is wide enough and there is no wave in the entrance. We find a nice anchorage in front of the

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The swimming Pigs of Staniel Cay, Bahamas

We are at Staniel Cay, a hotspot of the Exumas in the Bahamas. Next to Staniel Cay, on the other side of our anchorage is Big Major Cay. This uninhabited island boasts one of the Bahamas’ biggest tourist attractions, the swimming pigs. I am skeptical. Swimming pigs? It’s all just a resourceful marketing ploy to

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Thursday Trios – Caribbean Impressions

OK it is already Saturday, but I just came across Mama Cormier’s photo challenge, which is called “Thursday Trios”, so I thought that I would participate with some shots from the Caribbean. Grenada Only the facade of this church in Grenada’s capital has survived the hurricanes. Antigua Colourful beach houses at Long Bay Birds with

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12 reasons to travel to the Canary Islands

When planning our cruise with our sailing yacht “escape” we had to decide where to go first. We selected the Canary Islands and were very happy with our choice. We had a really great time and I hope that we will be back there one day. Here are the reasons why we liked this destination,

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