Boat christening of CNB66 “escape”: Starting a new life

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Finally it is Friday the 22nd of March 2019. We have been working towards this day for three years. With family, friends and the teams of CNB and Yacht Solutions we celebrate the christening of our new sailing yacht “escape”. The sun is shining in Bordeaux, the weather couldn’t have been better for our great day.

The yacht is beautiful. Everything is just as we imagined. The teams have been working until the last minute to get everything ready. Everybody did a great job.

For us, this is the start of a completely new life. We are in the transition from hard working business people to full time liveaboards. Some of our friends think we are crazy, but now there is no turning back. For the moment we just enjoy the day and cannot get enough of looking at this marvellous sailing yacht , which is our new “floating home”

From now on we would like to make sailing and traveling our main focus in life. We want to explore new countries and meet people around the globe. Already on the next day Karl will set sail to go south, while I will be busy in handing over my pharmacies to my successor. We will meet again in the Canary Islands to start our cruise. The next months and years will be very exciting. We will keep you posted.

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